Someone is 1-starring my blogs!

I’ve been checking all my blogs for the first time in a LONG time, and I noticed there’s a lot of 1 stars on my blogs. Actually, I can also see other ratings that state “2 ratings” 3-stars, which had a 5-star rating before, so it’s pretty obvious if I put 2 and 2 together, only a 5-star and a 1-star would average to be a 3-star, likewise if there are blogs with 2 5-star ratings and 1 1-star would equate to be an overall 4-star rating. A couple of my blogs, actually have a 5-star rating where I was depressed. Does someone want me to kill myself? That seems to what I am thinking. Well, just so that you all know, I would never do that. I have a job making a steady income, plus school, plus spending time with my younger brother playing video games, so I am rarely alone, and I’m always communicating with other people who are far more intelligent than I am. Plus, I am learning things every time, which is good for my sense of well-being, so haha to all that person for thinking I’d commit suicide! I can be 90% sure the person who is 1-starring my blogs is someone who just plain hates me if he’s taking the time to hate all my blog entries! I mean, it’s pretty obvious that’s the case. Whoever it is, he’s not making himself known, so I don’t really care what he is, whetever he’s my YouTube hacker or possibly someone on VStreamers that hates me for saying what I said about VStreamers. I state my blogs personally with my own opinions, so if someone hates me for that, then fine! If someone else has different opinions than I do, then that’s more fine for me!

A solution which pretty much everyone would recommend is to disable the ratings, then nobody will be able to rate my entries. So why don’t I want to do that? Well, I do have my fans, so I feel that I’m also taking away something that’s good by taking away something that’s bad. I’d say the best solution is to ignore that person and move on. So that’s what I’ll do. Anybody’s got a problem with that can go ahead and 1-star this entry. OH, and if you 1-star it, that only proves how weak you really are.

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About 6 months ago I joined a website called, and boy did I make a mistake. Everything was all fine and dandy, until I got banned yesterday. For those that don’t know, I have a third job, along with the other two being working at Sears and the second with working at my mom’s cupcake shop. I click on ads for profit. I saw view4view and sub4sub YouTube related websites as useless, since YouTube pretty much caught on with the view botting out there. I decided to take it to the next level, but how far is too far? I already knew that the admin of this site told me not to use another particular website that I don’t want to mention. I got one warning from this guy to stop using the auto surf website stating it was his LAST warning! Well, he warned me, but like I said, this was from a different website. I was using a manual surf website after I had received the warning. Therefore, since the admin was not clear about using manual surf websites as well as auto-surf ones, I’m going to fight my way to get my account back, because once he banned me, all my 50 videos were deleted. That’s 50 hours of work down the drain, all for just $20 fucking dollars! For those that know, I had over 100 videos deleted from a hacker on my old YouTube accounts. This makes this admin no different than this hacker. He gives me only one single warning, then pulls the plug without giving me another chance. He established that those 50 measly views may get him removed from his advertising company, so I decided to say to him that I’ll be willing to use that website to give views to ZippCast or my own blog instead of VStreamers, but the admin won’t give in and thinks that I’ll continue doing the things I’m doing. He also thinks I may find loopholes. As IF! I could still add views to that website whether I’m banned or not. I don’t care, I will still support that site anyways because I’m sure there’s other people out there who will learn to love it as much as I still do. Even though I’m banned, though, I still want to treat the admin with respect and just don’t do what he told me NOT to do. Maybe it’s about time some of the lower viewed channels deserve a chance. I mean, as the old saying goes, “cheaters never win”, because they DON”T, and don’t deserve to. That’s why as of now, I vowed to only add views to ZippCast’s sign-up page and to my blog.

So, if you would like to brag on why I am helping ZippCast, then go right ahead. ZippCast has its flaws, but it looks like to old YouTube, just like VStreamers does. There’s no difference between the two! They are all Media Share script sites, so there you go! If you wish to still use YouTube regardless, I don’t blame you. At least on there, there’s no admins that are complete assholes. Also, on YouTube, I’ve never been harrassed or spammed by any trolls, which is amazing of someone that’s got over 30,000 subscribers on one of my channels! Just be aware that unless you are in the top 20 most viewed channels, nobody gives a damn who you are. You are just a common video uploader who shares videos with just your friends.

All my videos will always either be deleted by a hacker, or by some jerk who has complete dictatorship over another website and steps all over me because I’m just a stupid-minded autistic dickhead.

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A new way to make money – BITCOIN MINER!

Hey, this is Jeremy here with an awesome contest where you can enter to win a bitcoin miner. A bitcoin miner is a tool where you can mine bitcoins. You just use the miner, wait, and then there appears your free bitcoins. This miner has a $98 value, and it can be your absolutely free if you win. Just enter in your email address, and then you will get a message that states your entry has been confirmed. It’s that easy! If you find this website useful, you should check out all their tips so that you can find out all the great benefits of using bitcoins just like I did. I wish you the best of luck!

It’s been quite a long time since I have posted any blogs since I have been clicking on ads for profit during my spare time and prior to that, I’ve been uploading some of my old jhirzel88 videos on vstream. After you enter the contest, you will receive a link to share with your friends. If you share that link with everyone you know, and you’ll get 3 additional entries for every person you share it with. If you get a lot of entries, you’ll be on your way to win that bitcoin miner.

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A New Year with Great Possibilities

It’s been ages and ages since I’ve posted my last blog, so here it is finally. I’ve been spending a lot of time boosting my subscribers and helping a YouTube friend as well. As you know, I have suffered a lot of headache last year with the fact that I got hacked 3 times by the same hacker. It seems that some people do not realize how much effort I put into all of my channels. I made a dozen accounts every month, just so that I can catch up with all the 51,000 subscribers I lost on my jhirzel88 channel. So far, I have around 50 channels, but 10 of them have gotten suspended. I use the i-macros, a firefox addon, which can continuously click on channels via YouLikeHits and I also use, which I can re-authenticate my accounts so that I can continue using it while I am asleep.

I am a person who wants to reach the absolute limits. I ask myself these questions. How many subscribers can I possibly get until there is no-one left to subscribe to me? Also, how much money can I make from ads if I get enough views to reach popularity status? Since I love math and science, I take everything into consideration when it comes to numbers. You may think to yourself, “Oh, it’s only numbers”, but numbers mean data, and data is the thing that keeps every website in tact. Who knows, YouTube might not be around in another 10 years if people don’t see any results in their numbers. YouTube only seems to care about the big corporations and never about the small users. Back in 2007, which is 2 years after Google bought YouTube, there were tons of people applying for partnership, because they had a small fanbase of only 1,000 subscribers. That’s all it took for people to get millions of views on their videos. Now all of that is in the past now. I have over 30,000 subscribers on my jviewer029 channel, and I don’t get shit! All I get is comments and messages from other users persuading me to watch their videos. Like I’d ever do that! I don’t care, these peoples’ videos will just go down the toilet anyways. I use wenoo more often than YouTube anyways since there is a real fanbase of potential users to watch your videos. YouTube has crappy channel designs anyways, and it’s no wonder why YouTube got rid of “friend adding” 2 years ago. Nobody will use such a website that looks just plain ugly. Plus, with Google Plus, don’t even get me started. Google is forcing every user to merge their YouTube account with Google Plus, otherwise they will no longer be able to comment on any videos. Google doesn’t need to force me to do anything. I’ll just stick with messaging people from now on. At least I’m still allowed to do that. I rarely ever use YouTube except for checking messages anyways, so I don’t really care if I can’t comment anymore.

On the bright side, I have never been hacked in 2014 yet, since I made sure I used fake phone numbers with my usernames. I also made every password on every new account different, plus I made the Google email different than the username. No hacker will ever be crack my every single one of my passwords, ever! I only have 1,000 subscribers on each channel so I don’t my hackers will be interested in that few of subscribers. I use phone verification on my high subscriber channels so unless my hackers got a hold of my phone, they’re not logging in.

I’ll spend more time helping my friend achieve more views and subscribers, since I am afraid I may still get hacked even with all the extra precautions. I am not interested in views, only subscribers, but I am more interested in giving more of my subscribers to her.


I’ve also been listening to the radio with my new outdoor antenna, which is hooked up in the bathroom for now. I plan to move it to the roof soon, but since I got the space, I’ll just keep it in there for now. I’m listening to WSOU at a precise antenna position. It was not easy to setup my antenna, especially when the antenna has to be positioned and directionally rotated. Plus, I use a bunch of headphones wires for extra reception and that alone took quite a long time to get to the right spot. I do this constantly whenever I change radio stations.


I have also been working and going to school on top of all this, so I do get quite busy.

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My YouTube accounts keep getting HACKED!

Sorry for such a late post. I have been consistently trying to catch up with all my YouTube subscribers, only to find out that all that effort is all put to waste when my accounts got hacked. On February 28, 2013, my jhirzel88 channel was the first channel to get hacked, and unfortunately that got closed down when I tried to recover it. The hacker had access to my computer screen and could even open and close tabs. He keylogged my password as I typed it in. I downloaded malicious software, which was supposed to be a program that would give me subscribers, but I got nothing except a Trojan attack.

The next month, I got hacked by someone else, who is the same person who just hacked a 4th YouTube channel of mine several days ago. He is targeting me as a victim and there’s nothing I can do. I tried making my password 100 characters and Google retrieved my account for him when he selected “My account may have been compromised” option. Google thought that I was the hacker all because I changed my password. All he needed was an email and a phone number, then BANG, Google gave him my account. That proves how much Google’s security SUCKS! Never join YouTube. They have the worst security in the world. I already read on about this. They will give anyone’s accounts to ANYONE, because they have a crappy automated system and there’s no human beings running it. Now I have to create a fake phone number and email so that I don’t get hacked again. Plus, I can’t even use my real name anywhere anymore, which REALLY SUCKS!

My hacker has all my personal information now because the account that he recently hacked has all my monetization details on it, including my Social Security number and my address. I am ruined because of him.

I know the hacker’s name, but I wish to not disclose that information to better protect myself and anyone else who wishes to not get hacked by him.

This is fucking shit, it really is!


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Finding More Answers to Bird Feeding

It’s coming to 9 straight months now that I’ve set table scraps out to the birds, and I just want to say, that I have seen a lot of changes in some of their eating habits, which have varied from season to season. First off, the starlings seem to eat every morsel of food that I have in the pile. Sometimes, they will come in the dozens when there is a lot of food out. In that case, it’ll just take an hour for the food to disappear. I do not think I am doing any harm by putting these food items out. On the contrary, the starlings find similar items in the wild. The popcorn resembles corn, and since there are lots of corn fields here in New Jersey, that is a common item for them to eat. I also put chicken out, which resembles insects. It’s kind of a weird fact that bugs taste just like chicken. I think that might be true, haha! Another food item that I put out is pasta, and although that is the last item to disappear, it is similar to something, but I just can’t name it right now. I do put soda out as well, but keep in mind, that I do watch every recording to observe how much they are drinking. I only saw a few starlings that drank more than a few sips. Even at that, by the time that bird drinks it, the soda has been out for an hour and is pretty much depleted of carbonation. In the wild, I am sure that all birds have the instinct to know if that soda is going to do any damage to them. Then again, I only saw one or two House Sparrows drinking a measly sip of soda in the summer, so I can’t be too sure on that. I won’t worry about that, I’ll just continue on and if I see any exploding birds, I’ll have it posted. How’s that sound? I’ll tell you one thing, that’s not going to happen, that’s all I can say.

The crows, on the other hand, are only collecting meat items and they don’t seem to eat anything. There was one crow that took a chicken thigh and flew down to the center of the road as if it was too heavy to fly away with. I’m not entirely sure if it was too heavy or if it just hungry and wanted to set it on a hard surface to eat a few pieces. Then, once another crow came to try to snatch the chicken, the crow flew off-camera and I couldn’t see how far the crow went after that. I am pretty sure these crows are determined to hide any food items that they collect. I’m sure if the other crow that was about to steal the chicken from that crow was watching the chicken beforehand, they knew what they would be getting themselves into if the weight of it would be too much to handle.

A few days ago, I did observe a crow taking a few pieces of popcorn, after it ate the first piece. That was one example that maybe they are eating more than just meat. I will tell you this, I know they can’t be eating meat all the time. They aren’t even eating reeses anymore either like they were in the past. That’s considered nuts to them, which is a protein-rich product just like meat is, but it may be possible that these are different crows that have never eaten them, and perhaps they don’t realize that there is peanut butter inside of the shells. The weather is getting colder, so the shells aren’t melting for the crows to smell the peanut butter either.  I did lots of research on crows, and crows eat about 1/3 animal matter and the rest is plant matter. Therefore, it is probably obvious that wherever the crows are roosting at is where they keep their food. It is quite interesting that they cache and store food items for a long time. I read that they can store perishable food items for as long as 6 months. I wonder if the crows are trying to save that meat for the Spring? They have carried away meat items in the Spring too, but I know that all that meat couldn’t be eaten right now since the crows don’t have any babies to take care of since they grew up. The babies probably ate that meat before and right now they are just managing for themselves. My gosh, back then, I remembered one crow that was sitting on a telephone wire and a few Vultures were eating all the food, then after the vultures left, only a couple of gummy worms were left and some popcorn. That crow immediately came and ate both gummy worms right on that spot. No other bird I’ve seen has eaten something like that, so I can tell you that their ability to survive on any food source is incredible! They do eat from garbage dumpsters so they have no reason to be picky when they need the food the most.

I haven’t seen any House Sparrows around. The last time I saw them was about a month ago. When they were around at the time, they were just eating popcorn from the food pile and bird seed from my grandma’s feeder. I saw one that would keep taking reeses away. That is quite strange because it’s only this one sparrow that was doing it. I’m sure that starling had a liking to them because of the shell’s sweet taste. They aren’t interested so much in eating peanut butter, but I’m sure they ate it anyways, since it’s soft enough to eat. They do eat 4% insects during the non-breeding months, so I’m sure that accounts to something when it comes to them eating the correct protein they need. In the Spring time, there were some House Sparrows that were eating nothing but chicken, but once that disappeared, they started to eat almost everything else too just like the starlings always are. That’s a drastic change compared to what I’ve recently seen.

I noticed that the reeses are eaten by the squirrels now. Also, I notice them eating the shells are well. They used to trim around those and leave the shells behind in the summer. Perhaps now, the sugar that is in the shells is crucial for them to store fat to keep warm through the winter. I am not exactly sure, but I think that is what’s going on with that. One thing that makes me wonder, if I am putting 20 reeses out and the crows observe the squirrels eating them just like they were eating nuts and taking the hidden caches, then how come they don’t do the same thing for the reeses. I’m sure the crows know that the squirrels are eating them, so why can’t they do the same thing? It seems that the crows already have enough nuts, and maybe they are stashed out on them. That’s my guess. What do you think about that one?

Well, I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last blog. I decided to make this entry because I feel more confident of what I am feeding these birds based on what they need to eat. Over these months, it didn’t click on me until now. If you got any bird feeding stories to share, I’m always open for those. Thanks for checking this post out.

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Updates From Hurricane Sandy

I know that it’s been ages since my last blog, but I just want to let everyone know that I’m alive after the hurricane that we had. It wasn’t quite as bad in my area though since I live about 5 miles from the PA border. There was lots of wind and rain, but only a few large tree branches fell. I had the power out for about 7 hours and needless to say, I was extremely lucky that I made out as well as I did, because some people won’t get their power back until Thursday. Only about half of the millions of people that lost power have their power back as of right now. Well, I took advantage of the power outage by playing UNO with my grandma, which is one thing I haven’t done in over a year. I did that while listening to B985 on my Grundig radio. The sole DJ that was in the studio at the time was stuck for 36 hours, since the radio station is on the shore where millions of people had to evacuate. Anyways, the girl that was running the station at the time already knew how bad the hurricane was since she was watching the news. There were reported winds in excess of 70 mph in some local places, and power lines were shaking back and forth until they snapped. Sparks were flying from the transformers, and the situation with flooding was so bad, that there was a shark on a boulevard at a shore area also. People were urged to stay inside, and even being 3 feet from their doors and windows might stir trouble too. There was much more danger than expected. There is more than that which was going on, but I’m lost on words at this point.

I played cards with my grandma for a few hours. All of a sudden, during the commercial break at midnight, everything got cut off and there was dead silence. The studio probably lost power, rather than their transmitter, since that is in a different town. Either that, or it was turned off on purpose because the DJ was going to sleep and didn’t want to risk any fire from electric problems that might occur from the hurricane. My UNO game was almost over so that didn’t matter to me.

The next morning, I woke up, and B985 was static. There was no signal at all. Then, at around 10 am, the radio station got turned back on after the morning show was supposed to end. All of the morning people were doing news and bulletins when they started late. There was a huge sound quality boost when I listened to it at first. I found it hard to believe I was listening to the radio it sounded so good. It was broadcasting in full CD quality. You can find more detail about this on my radio section right here.

You can even download a 15-hour recording right here as well.

Well, I’m going to end it here, and if you have anything to say about the hurricane that you experienced, I’d like to know about it.

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