My goal for yesterday…and today

On Memorial Day, I needed to make sure that my tire was fixed, in which I was stupid enough to lose my bike pouch with all my patches and wrenches out of my backpack a few weeks ago. I then had to walk about 2 miles away to Target and buy myself some new bike patches. Luckily my mom had some wrenches in her tool chest that were the right size for my bike. I did all that, and within 15 minutes, the patch was glued on and my tire was back on my bicycle all aired up and ready to go. I bike rode to the bus stop the next day since it was way too hot to bike to school. I did bike ride back though, because it would be quicker that way since I probably already missed the hourly bus. It was a scorching 95 degrees out, and I was sweating so much that I just decided to freshen up in the shower before my job interview at Sears. My mom dropped me off but I never got interviewed because I was never entered in the system. Well, I doubt I’ll get the job anyways. I might as well move on. After I left Sears I turned in some of my job applications at the mall. I made a tiny mistake on my phone number but that was corrected. However, on 3 of my applications, I forgot to correct it so I won’t be expecting a callback on those. That means that I just shot 3 chances of a job out the windows. Dang! I walked home shamefully thinking to myself that I put the wrong phone number on those applications. What more can go wrong!


About jhirzel88

I am majoring in college to be a computer programmer. My favorite food is Buffalo wings. My hobbies include bike riding, listening to the radio, and watching YouTube videos. I used to play piano and guitar. I got my first internet working computer (which is this laptop right here), in Novemeber, 2008. I hope to achieve the use of this blog in the best possible way I can. By the way, my favorite animal is the Amazon Parrot and I really want to get one in a few years down the road. Edit: I decided that I'm definitely getting a Raven as a pet, that is, after I finish college.
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1 Response to My goal for yesterday…and today

  1. Just keep trying, don’t give up. I believe in fate but I also believe in persistence. It’s in the 100’s today. Im actually at the pool as we speak. My son met some cool kids. Its great for him to socialize. Have a fun Summer.

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