Bird crashes into classroom window!

5:45 pm, Friday, 24 June:

The instructor was giving us C++ code demonstrations when all of a sudden, I heard a loud, rumbling noice. A classmate behind me was saying to the instructor that it was a bird. About 20 minutes later on our break, I walked outside and sure enough, I saw the bird laying dead on the ground. It appeared that its neck was bent up. What makes me wonder though, is….how in the heck could that bird not see that window right there? The sun was reflecting off of that window, which must have made that window appear of a reflection of the tree behind it. The bird must have mistook that window for a tree, which is common, I suppose. I consider it lucky that it happened while I was at class. Actually, what is even more lucky is that another classmate was grabbing a skittles from the vending machine and there happened to be another one already in the slot! I couldn’t suppose the intense shaking that the bird made had anything to do with that but you’ll never know. It’s tragic, and I feel sorry for the bird, but it is by far, the most impressive thing I have to blog about.

As far as I can tell you, I got no idea what kind of bird it was. I know for a fact that it wasn’t a robin but it was a small, whitish kind of bird, probably about 3 inches. Maybe it was a sparrow. Are sparrows white? I’m not sure. I want to try to be as descriptive as possible. If anyone knows the answer, please let me know.


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I am majoring in college to be a computer programmer. My favorite food is Buffalo wings. My hobbies include bike riding, listening to the radio, and watching YouTube videos. I used to play piano and guitar. I got my first internet working computer (which is this laptop right here), in Novemeber, 2008. I hope to achieve the use of this blog in the best possible way I can. By the way, my favorite animal is the Amazon Parrot and I really want to get one in a few years down the road. Edit: I decided that I'm definitely getting a Raven as a pet, that is, after I finish college.
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2 Responses to Bird crashes into classroom window!

  1. White bird? Hmmm…a dove? Poor bird. They do has a tendency to hit walls and glass windows. If humans can accidentally bump on a sliding glass doors so can the unsuspecting birds. Thanks for sharing at my comment section. You have a lot of stories to tell and they can all be great for your blog. I started just a few months ago and it’s just an amazing journey for me. It’s never to late to talk about six flags or boardwalks or the pokemon games. Pictures help and adding pingbacks help get to know other bloggers. You should join the photo of the week challenge and post a week challenge. helps you meet other bloggers that share your interest. Have fun blogging.

    • jhirzel88 says:

      No, it was definitely not a dove. I managed to take a video of it through my cell phone but my mom purposely deleted all my videos on there. That was only because I rarely had my cell phone turned on when my mom tried to call me. I was so mad when I found out my videos were gone! Actually, I was mad at myself because I never made copies of them onto my computer. That gave me the more reason to blog about things like this in more detail. I deserve the punishment I recieved and as a result I feel that I should be more detail oriented because that’s the kind of person I should become.

      Now, to answer your question, the bird was very small, slightly smaller than a robin. I still believe that it was a sparrow. I may have misjudged the color being white, this bird might have been yellowish-brownish. Dang, I can’t remember at all. I should have just took a picture of it at the very least. She didn’t delete my pics so I would have had a perfect idea what it looked like if I had done that. If I had imagined myself as that bird…you could be right on target. The sun causes the biggest factor of false images. About 5 days later I was walking to class at around that same time frame that incident occurred and I looked up at a window and I imagined being 180 degrees from the window. By the looks of my imagined angle, the sun is right there in the window. I’m 100% correct because where I was standing on the sidewalk, the sun was shining at the lower window.

      Thanks, and I’ll still keep my eyes open in the future.

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