Laptop Taken Away….Again!

I wasn’t doing my part on cleaning the dishes for the past few days that my mom has had enough. She decided to take my laptop away last night. I don’t know if part of the reason was because I was using my YouTube viewer programs on her computer, but I do know that I have gotten pretty wrapped up with YouTube. That always makes me forget things, especially if its something as simple as doing the dishes. I told my mom that I am pretty much doing the dishes all the time since I do the dishes at her restaurant already. There’s no use in complaining, I just need to suck it up and face the consequences. I have no idea when I’m going to get my laptop back, but when I do, I’ll be more focused with school that I probably won’t care.

I left my backpack in my mom’s van on Sunday and I never remembered to take it out. It is now Tuesday, and my mom was at work, so I was stuck with no books or papers. I brought a notebook and a pencil with me to take notes with. I was really hoping that the teacher wasn’t going to collect homework, or even worse, a test. I was 5 minutes early for class, so I even had some time to spare to check my emails. Once I got back upstairs a classmate told me that class was canceled. Thank goodness! That gave me plenty of time to go into my mom’s van and get my backpack. I took the bus to Mt Holly and I bike rode the rest of the way. On my bike ride, I saw a container with food in it on the side of the road. I thought it was a sandwich at first, but it was really salad. I then bike rode past the ever so rotten bagel that is still on the side of the road next to the shopping center where the restaurant is. Once I got to the van in the back, I was relieved that it was actually unlocked. I parked my bike, crawled right in, and I snatched that thing right out like a lowly robber. I bike rode away. I preceeded to the rotten bagel to conclude my YouTube video that I had unfinished. I needed to have a conclusion of my video since I ran out of memory on my cell phone when I recorded it a few days ago. I then bike rode to the salad container, emptied the container, and kicked the pieces of lettuce into the grass, that way some birds could eat it. I took the container and put it into my bike pouch to throw away. I did manage to make a cell phone video out of that as well. I sure am a lucky guy today! I think the pennies I have been finding on the ground lately have been helping me out. My gosh, if my mom were to find out that I left my backpack in her car, I would probably be grounded from everything.

Okay, now I really got to study now. I got a Fiction Exam today, plus I still haven’t even started on the homework assignment of the latest Fiction story we read. I am supposed to email my teacher my responce in 450 words.

Let me know how your forgetfulness ended up turning into a lucky moment, whetver it happened instantly or possibly in a longer time frame.


About jhirzel88

I am majoring in college to be a computer programmer. My favorite food is Buffalo wings. My hobbies include bike riding, listening to the radio, and watching YouTube videos. I used to play piano and guitar. I got my first internet working computer (which is this laptop right here), in Novemeber, 2008. I hope to achieve the use of this blog in the best possible way I can. By the way, my favorite animal is the Amazon Parrot and I really want to get one in a few years down the road. Edit: I decided that I'm definitely getting a Raven as a pet, that is, after I finish college.
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5 Responses to Laptop Taken Away….Again!

  1. ElizOF says:

    Good luck with your studies and listen to your mother!

  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    I somehow couldn’t comment on ‘Laptop taken away again’ – there was no ‘leave a comment’. ANYway!… I loved your post. It really gave me insight into your household, your life. Good on you just sucking it up. I’d hate my laptop to go, I use it daily. You sound like a decent kid. You write well too 🙂

    • jhirzel88 says:

      Yes, and actually, I only got it taken away for a day…well…technically. I’m not really grounded anymore only because she never noticed that it disappeared from the kitchen table. My dad thinks I’m too old to be grounded for stuff like that, and I agree. I made another entry similar to this, but last time, I did something more stupid. Was that the blog you couldn’t comment on? I can see your comment on this one.

  3. My friend, good thing your laptap was still there since the van was still open. One time I left my drivers window open in a parking lot. My wife was angry at first but nothing was missing so she mellowed down. I got lucky, nobody discovered that the window was open. Sometimes our guardian angels do watch over us. Goodluck with your assignment. You were right about the weather and sunset/sunrise colors. Stay cool always.

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