Soda Twist

I am kind of putting a twist on sodas today, or should I say….soda lids! A while back, I would always look at soda bottles as I bike ride past them. I always thought, maybe birds like to drink this. What if that was true? On Monday, I decided to experiment with this soda lid twisting just to see if giving the birds access to it would end up with them drinking from it. I made this video for Darian03 but I will share it here as well. He expected the outcome as he claimed, that is, no birds will drink it. That’s obvious! I already knew of the truth between birds and carbonated beverages for about 4 months now. I didn’t let that fact stop me from checking that out.

The second day, I came back to the soda bottle, and the bottle was at the same spot, untouched.

I came back the third day and I found out that the lid had moved. However, the bottle was at the same exact place. I came up with the conclusion that a bird really did drink it. It must have picked up the lid with its beak, drank it, then set it down a few feet away. A few sips won’t harm them so it seemed clear to me to assume that to be true. After I recorded the video, I moved the lid back to its original place and I filled it up with some of the soda that was still in the bottle.

The fourth day, I came back, and I found out that the lid was completely full of soda, just as it was before. I now knew that a dog probably grabbed the lid, or some other animal. I have concluded that a wild bird won’t drink soda. They know that water is the only drink they ever need.


About jhirzel88

I am majoring in college to be a computer programmer. My favorite food is Buffalo wings. My hobbies include bike riding, listening to the radio, and watching YouTube videos. I used to play piano and guitar. I got my first internet working computer (which is this laptop right here), in Novemeber, 2008. I hope to achieve the use of this blog in the best possible way I can. By the way, my favorite animal is the Amazon Parrot and I really want to get one in a few years down the road. Edit: I decided that I'm definitely getting a Raven as a pet, that is, after I finish college.
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2 Responses to Soda Twist

  1. It seems birds are smarter than humans since they would only drink water, something their bodies need whereas humans will drink anything from soda to tequila to monster drink. Ha, ha,ha… I drink all these except alcohol containing beverage…oops! Great post. You reminded me when I was younger, I enjoy experiments. Makes us smarter !

  2. ElizOF says:

    Birds are smart… We cold learn about faith and surrender through them. 🙂
    Finally catching up on posts and comments. TY! 🙂

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