Freezer brakes – Insurance Doesn’t Cover it

The worst thing in the kitchen just happened this morning at my mom’s cupcake shop. The freezer wasn’t working when we came in. Also, because the cupcakes were already defrosted, it must have broke shortly after we left the shop the night before. My mom had to throw away a lot of cupcakes. I’d say that she probably threw away at least 80 cupcakes. I couldn’t bear to even watch. I just stared at the wall the whole time.She called in a repairguy to fix it. He came in about 5 hours later, and apparently, it wasn’t the freezer itself that was broken but the output breaker that was broken, so my mom’s insurance didn’t cover it. That was $250 that my mom had to take out of her own pocket. As far as the cupcakes go, we could only put out so many cupcakes to sell today, since my mom still had to put icing and filling into them. My mom made all new cupcakes today, which she’ll sell tomorrow.

Hopefully I won’t have to wake up early with her for the next few days, because my siblings have off from school next week. I really want to stay home alone to edit my next YouTube video. I want to make a video series called “Beaks and Tweets”. They will contain videos of anything bird related. I will do an intro, where I’ll act and talk like a bird. My goal is to try to keep feeding the birds cupcakes for a whole month. If I do that, they might get used to me and they might even start eating right out of my hand. I doubt that’s ever going to happen but all I can do is try. Lately, I’ve been waking up at 4 am to go to my mom’s shop, then I don’t get home until 7 pm. The birds won’t be able to see me throwing the cupcakes, unless it were daytime. That makes it pointless to do. I highly doubt the birds will get used to me if they only see me giving them cupcakes a few times a week. What do you think? Do you think I can pull this off?


About jhirzel88

I am majoring in college to be a computer programmer. My favorite food is Buffalo wings. My hobbies include bike riding, listening to the radio, and watching YouTube videos. I used to play piano and guitar. I got my first internet working computer (which is this laptop right here), in Novemeber, 2008. I hope to achieve the use of this blog in the best possible way I can. By the way, my favorite animal is the Amazon Parrot and I really want to get one in a few years down the road. Edit: I decided that I'm definitely getting a Raven as a pet, that is, after I finish college.
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5 Responses to Freezer brakes – Insurance Doesn’t Cover it

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I think it’s impossible to pull off if you have to get up at 4 and home at 7 – are you SERIOUS? That’s EXTRAORDINARILY hard to endure.

    It sounds an interesting Youtube video!! I would never have thought of it. I hope cupcakes are good for birds though. I suppose they are. I wouldn’t know.

    It is really, really misfortune what happened to your mother’s freezer and so near Christmas – me neither, I couldn’t bear to watch. Was there a homeless place she could have given the cupcakes to? It just sounds awful. HOW can insurance not cover it? Are you POSITIVE? I reckon you should read the insurance cover, & not just take their word for it.

    Hope you have a good New Year though 🙂 N.

    • jhirzel88 says:

      Actually, it isn’t that hard. I don’t really need much sleep. I only work in the kitchen for the first 3 hours, then I’m on my laptop the rest of the day while I’m not serving customers. Trust me, I could be at home the rest of the day if I wanted to. I already have all the fun stuff I need here. I like to help my mom out, because I really should do so. I can’t complain because she always takes care of me.

      Yes, but not all birds will eat cupcakes. It depends on where you live. I live in a rural area, so it is a bit surprising to find birds that will actually eat them. They seem to like the icing more than the actual cupcake. They will absolutely NOT eat the chocolate icing though. I threw a chocolate cupcake on the top of a tree, and the cupcake and icing has been there for a week. It’s really dry and stale. I even tried braking them up into crumbs and throwing them on the dirt beside the tree. Most of the crumbs are still there too. That proves that these birds are smart enough to develop their own feeding habits. After about 5 days, there were less birds in the tree eating the cupcakes. We can not decide what and when a bird eats. They make that decision for themselves. Chocolate is bad for birds, but other animals will eat them. A raccoon or skunk would eat them for sure.

      Yes, there are homeless places. She even tried calling the Red Cross thing a week before the incident, but she had to leave a message and they never returned her call. I guess they don’t need her cupcakes that badly. The good news is that a woman came in and placed an order for 200 cupcakes to be sent to the homeless. These cupcakes were for inmates who just got out of prison and have no jobs. My mom gave her a discount, because she knows how hard it is for those people, since my mom has been in a similar position when she got divorced. This was tough on my mom, because this was on Christmas Eve, and there were 400 other cupcakes that were ordered on that day, and it was only my mom and I working. That’s a lot of cupcakes, right?

      The insurance for the freezer only covers the hardware of the freezer. The breaker switch was behind the freezer. The electric would have to cover that but my mom doesn’t have insurance for the electric. My mom doesn’t want to go through the trouble of reading all that insurance stuff. She had enough stress during Christmas time with the large orders she had.

      I had a great New Year. I went to this group meeting club thing with my mom and her friend. I mostly just watched tv downstairs.

  2. For now, with the 4am to 7 pm schedule , that might be a challenge unless you take breaks in between to visit and observe the birds. But anything is possible when you believe in yourself and that you do your best to achieve them. The Youtube video sounds like an interesting idea. Whatever you do , just remember to have fun, make the most of every situation, create great memories that you and your family will talk about for years to come.As for the freezer incident, that was sad and what a wast of cupcakes. Whenever I hear or read about food being thrown, I think of the hungry kids. I wish the world is fair in terms of food distribution and all can enjoy a full meal 3 times a day. Stay cool my friend!

    • jhirzel88 says:

      Yep, but as far as I have researched, these birds are not urban birds. They are mostly found in rural areas. They haven’t got used to people long enough to not be afraid. A quiet observer can get to 50-100 feet without them being startled. I got 5 feet away from one once. That is why I decided to continue doing this.

      So far, I made 5 videos of my “Beaks and Tweaks” series. I called it “tweaks” to see if these birds have any “glitches”. I want to be a computer programmer, not a nature observer, but I still think it’s fun to experiment with these birds.

      As for the leftover cupcake stuff goes, there is the Red Cross that my mom can call. So far, they have never returned her calls, I guess nobody really needs cupcakes that badly. On a good note, my mom donated 200 cupcakes on Christmas Eve to the homeless. A customer who works for a organization came in and placed that order. My mom worked really hard, and it was just me and her that day since her employee that was scheduled that day never showed up. She gave the cupcakes to her for $1.00 each versus the regular price of $2.75, since my mom wanted to be generous. She’s been in a similar situation when she first got into her divorce. There were 600 total cupcakes that we did that day.

  3. eof737 says:

    What a pity and a waste! When things like that break down we learn how much they mean to our livelihood… Hope it’s all resolved by now.

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