I want to eventually post radio recordings onto my website. I prefer far away stations at best. This is not to prove that I am an antenna expert, or even a radio engineer (which I won’t be). This is only to prove that just about anyone can just listen to stuff and conquer pretty much any weak station no matter how weak, and to enjoy the good personalities that are out there.

I want to start by placing some old recordings here. I may start doing new recordings but that will be pending whetver I decide to do that or not. A detailed summary of these stations are as follows…

90.5 WCVH summary

Z889 summary

91.5 WUML summary

B985 summary

More coming soon…

Please note that most of my old radio recordings are from when I was living in MA. Only 2 of the 6 radio stations, Z889 and WCVH, are hearable from my current residence in Burlington, NJ. I find it unneccessary to add stations such as 92.3 NOW in New York City, as well as class B stations in Allentown, PA. However, if it were a class A station, or if I cannot recieve a close station during certain periods of the day, then I may record it. Also, I have for the most part been interested in non-commercial radio stations, because their format is more unique compared with what you would find elsewhere.

More coming soon…

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